Because soul

Because soul All main are known since the childhood.

Because soul the most expensive: since the birth, to mind it was formed in me, in the form of the very first, elementary desires arose and lives in me.

Because soul mysterious: I do not know how there are in me desires feelings.

Because the soul is also willful: you will not force to love or want, you will not force to trust or suffer.

It seems to us that our baby does not understand anything yet he indeed does not understand mind, we treat him inconsiderately, we are occupied with porridge and diapers, we argue, whether it is necessary to observe the mode, we weigh the child each hour, we slap him when he is capricious, for us the child still a nested doll which it is possible to twirl this way and that: but here it became more senior, here he began to understand us, here we were quit with porridges and diapers, and here we are, tutors, and solemnly we start education.

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