Yes, the son will

Yes, the son will Generally, badly.

In the same way happens and in that case when we interfere with the conflicts of our son.

We play a role of the girl witness, we involuntarily push the boy on too brave, unjustified acts, we add fuel to the fire and, by the way, we put some idea dangerous, false as if all conflicts come to an end a victory.

Yes, the son will suffer defeat, but it will be easier for it to transfer it without witnesses.

It is impossible to know everything about children!

When tell that at school offend the boy, I always think: And what it for the boy if he tells about it to mother?

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Because soul

Because soul All main are known since the childhood.

Because soul the most expensive: since the birth, to mind it was formed in me, in the form of the very first, elementary desires arose and lives in me.

Because soul mysterious: I do not know how there are in me desires feelings.

Because the soul is also willful: you will not force to love or want, you will not force to trust or suffer.

It seems to us that our baby does not understand anything yet he indeed does not understand mind, we treat him inconsiderately, we are occupied with porridge and diapers, we argue, whether it is necessary to observe the mode, we weigh the child each hour, we slap him when he is capricious, for us the child still a nested doll which it is possible to twirl this way and that: but here it became more senior, here he began to understand us, here we were quit with porridges and diapers, and here we are, tutors, and solemnly we start education.

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But here

But here I see that the actual price of each boy strongly disperses from that which is appointed to him in the yard, that above, below.

Most likely and I am mistaken.

But here that is important: and whether there is actually original price to everyone not that, what children appointed, and not that, what I give, and valid, original, real?

Of course, is.

In it the truth about the boy.

But after all and in the company of adults the same.

We too have a temptation to imagine someone is more adult than the adult towering over all as over boys in the yard and therefore omniscient and forgiving someone who knows all truth about everyone and will sometime tell it: who is who, about the dignity of each person.

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I subscribed. Both

I subscribed. Both I subscribed.

Both the daughter subscribed, and her husband, and the eldest son too, and his wife all warrant for Matvei!

It after all big, to it soon in school!

The obligation will be carried to the DIRECTOR, and he will permit to turn on the TV, but PERSONS ON DUTY will come from time to time to check, whether Matvei touches the TV.

And if the grandmother at least once tells, what yes, Matvei touches the TV, it, the TV, right there and will take away, right there!

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He cannot

He cannot This need to be as everything, to carry signs of belonging to , to the group, not to differ from the group the speech, neither a way of life, nor views, neither habits, nor manners, even in gait, to differ in nothing is a desire which we with such heat condemn, is stronger than the teenager.

It can do nothing.

He cannot live one, he has to be among the.

When teenagers mature, is even worse.

All others on itself will pull if only accepted.

And again: if the good worker if it is talented if there is force the person is able to afford independence.

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