In an inner

In an inner Obviously: that there was a desire something, I have to know that it something is, exists, or at least to believe that it is.

I have to have also a certain hope that it something will be received that such opportunity is.

In other words, I have to trust in something and to hope for something.

In an inner world there is no material, in it only that, in what the person trusts.

He believes that in the world there is a beauty and honesty, is is and in its inner world.

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Also I feel

Also I feel I remember how my husband asked once, what movie I want to watch, and I answered it the following: I do not know.

And what movie you would like to watch?

Now I always know precisely that I want, and I do everything to reach the desirable.

Also I feel like much more confident person.

One of questions which I always ask myself, communicating with my children, such: What in this situation I want?

Be consecutive in the desires.

If you do not show sequence in the desires, children by all means will use your indecision.

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Cams of the right

Cams of the right Only is not present at us so far Neither torments and nor sand, Neither eggs, nor salt, Neither yeast, nor milk.

Cams of the right and left hand to squeeze and unclench at the same time.

Since words: Only is not present at us so far serially to bend fingers, since the big.

WE CUT FIREWOOD That to istopit an oven, We should cut firewood.

We cut, we cut firewood Let heat will be to kids.

To imitate the movements of hands of the woodcutter, fingers to weave, connect palms and to squeeze them as it is possible more strongly KOZLYATKI Have fun on a platform Tonkonogy kozlyatka.

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Hm! the writer

Hm! the writer Recently one old writer complained to me that her grandson all the time sits at the screen, what to do?

And you break the TV, I advised ingenuously.


the writer told.


Yes the grandson ten minutes will repair him!

Likely, to this boy allowed to look where goes conductings.

Than children played if only did not cry protivoinfarktny education.

Thinking of the future of the child, collecting an ideal image of the Person in mind, we will set to ourselves and such question: we would like, of course, that our grownup children loved; but what people are loved by people?

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Development Nominative to stand directly, to lower hands.

To put palms on a tummy, to make a deep breath through a nose.

To hold the breath for seconds.

An exhalation through a mouth.

Development of force of an exhalation.

Development of the correct direction of an air stream on the average line of language Cold wind.

Having gathered air in lungs, with a force to pout through extended forward by a tubule.

To bring the back party of a palm to a mouth.

The sharp beating cold stream has to be felt.

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