Now, rereading

Now, rereading And it will be the last.


While the getting is good!

Shadow Alfred Costello Shadow address: Lunar base , Galaktika Certainly, even in of the that time excited state I understood that the Shadow Alfred Costello is only a fruit of my imagination, the hero from childrens stories, but the panic alarm induced me to actions.

Now, rereading these letters, I hardly believe that once wrote them.

But it is the truth.

As well as in the childhood, it was insufficiently simple to me to think up history.

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Flower turns

Flower turns PEONY The bud is dismissed Turns into a peony.

To close small pillows of fingers of both hands.

Palms a little roundish.

Bud turns out.

To press the lower parts of palms to each other, and widely to move apart fingers around and to bend a little.

Flower turns out.

BUTTERFLY Butterfly cabbage white butterfly Over a flower flew, Cheerfully flitted Collected pollen.

To cross wrists of hands and to press palms the back party to each other.

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And what

And what Somehow presented me a pen with a gold feather, real Parker, I so rejoiced!

But it is short.

For one minute I lost vigilance, left the room, having left the handle on papers, I enter Matvei headlong rushes from a table, and my Parker rings, thrust by a gold feather in a floor as the arrow which is let out from the Indians onions.

And what to do with the boy?

You will make nothing.

It is not guilty.

It is interesting to it.

Begin to punish him, he will cry all day long.

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And in a day nursery

And in a day nursery And in a day nursery education goes quickly, there children continually: mine!

, mine!


I came for the boy, and he rushed to me, clasped knees and shouts, victoriously looking back: Mine father!

Whose heart will not tremble?

One of the great touched minutes of happiness in the life and counted them everything four.

Four minutes from eighty years!

I do not know, how many they will be when also I decide to count minutes remains; but moments in the doorway The father came!

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Having become

Having become For the person normally to be fond of favourite business, simply at autism this tendency repeatedly amplifies.

After thesis defense I published in various editions about articles and the notes devoted to the handling of cattle in industrial animal husbandry and at its house cultivation.

Having become adult, I overcame many autistichesky tendencies.

Certainly, I do not suffer from an involuntary urination any more and I do not rush on the interlocutor with fists if he tells chtoto the unpleasant.

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