The boy tries

The boy tries After all he perfectly sees that mother is occupied with conversation with the girlfriend.

What aim is pursued by him the behavior?

It turns out that the child puts an equalsign between two various concepts to be the focus of attention of the adult and to be darling.

The boy tries to draw to himself attention not in an absolutely pertinent way, but rather positive.

When mother is strongly angry his behavior, the child will nurse in himself deeper grievance, his claims for attention can accept also more negative shade.

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Suggest children

Suggest children Suggest children to call a picture, then to compare to the name given by the artist to consider technology of painting.

Program content of occupations: to develop creative abilities, imagination; to teach children not only to apply, but also to transform, to combine former knowledge in new combinations and to create on this basis rather new for the child images and figurative situations to transfer the mood in drawing, feelings, feelings; to learn to find in spots and color combinations an image, mood, the movement to represent it on paper.

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Well, it not your

Well, it not your He noticed: Templ, you today kakayato another.

And all other noticed it.

I not so other.

You talk to children, and, seemingly, really with us it is interesting to you!

And what?

He indecisively cleared the throat.

Well, it not your style.

How I behave usually?

He stared in a floor.

There passed minute before it again raised eyes.

Well, to tell the truth, many consider you as the cold and insensible person.

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Lips in a smile, teeth

Lips in a smile, teeth Development of the correct direction of an air stream on the average line of language To blow off a paper snowflake from a palm.

Whose snowflake will depart further?

Exercises for lips and facial muscles To us it is cheerful.


Lips in a smile, teeth are pulled together to mm.

Sponges shake on a swing.

Teeth and lips are squeezed.

Alternately to lift mouth corners with pomochyyu fingers of hands.

Sleep, a peephole, sleep, another.

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Therefore He simply plays, creates, builds the world in fantastic forms.

Therefore creative game so captures the child he feels pleasure from emergence of the new imagination.

Adults have a birth of new thought, as well as childbirth of the child, is followed by torments and happiness.

Children of creative tortures do not know, they get only one happiness.

The child plays not only when he with toys, and always, every minute the life, and the most improper from our point of view minute.

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