On an edge

On an edge Sounds sh, at.

Add them with a sound m.

What word turned out?


Scatter word sounds noise.

How many sounds in it?

Sound pronunciation sh in words Zaychishkatrusishka ran out from the wood and came running to us.

Now we learn whom and that he saw on the road.

Pictures of various flowers are exposed.

On an edge grew camomiles, lilies of the valley, a squash, on the small river waterlilies, jugs.

Guess on sounds sh, m, e, l who sat on a camomile?

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In it and cooperation

In it and cooperation But if to set as an object to achieve cooperation, everyone can reach it in a varying degree.

In it and cooperation value that to me, the tutor, it is not necessary to hold hundred different purposes, two hundred delightful qualities of the child in the head.

I need only one that collaboration and activity gave it pleasure, would be his requirement.

This aspiration so strongly influences the child, possesses such educational power that all other educational tools become simply unnecessary.

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When you feel

When you feel When you feel that coped with himself, you can return again here; if your child does not leave, gently take him by hand and tenderly take away in a special place that he calmed down; if your child, having returned from there, behaves properly, allow it to remain with you.

If his behavior does not change to the best, without wasting words take away back.

Speaking to the child: You can return again when you feel that calmed down, you teach it to ability to control the actions and emotions.

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Excessive Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken.

I offer you five councils minimizing the importance of the mistakes made by the child and increasing advantage which the child can draw from them.

Next time If at the child something did not turn out, attach special significance to how it can be made next time.

Excessive concern on the fact that already occurred, will only force the child to look for justifications.

And having made a special accent how it can be made next time, you lay the foundation of selfimprovement of the child.

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Accustom It is best of all to attach the schedule of family affairs and agenda of meetings to the refrigerator.

This most convenient place to remind everyone that it should make.

Accustom children to that their complaints were followed by versions of the solution of the problem facing them.

Remember that the person who is not participating in a solution itself becomes part of this problem.

Consider at meeting the schedule of affairs for every day of the forthcoming week, providing joint, activity of all family members.

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