Discipline Valya from here I told I am occupied, I write.

It left without any objections.

Obedience has to be natural part of communication.

Parents have no right for unconditional obedience from children, it comes from within, but is not imposed from the outside.

Discipline means of achievement of the purpose.

The discipline in army helps to be effective during fight.

The such discipline always subordinates the personality to business.

In the disciplined countries life costs not much.

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Nevertheless, we are inclined

Nevertheless, we are inclined Gradually and children develop in themselves ability to tell the truth without fear to seem the imperfect.

If, let us assume, your friend asks you to help with something, you, most likely, you see, as it gives you chance to feel the usefulness.

Nevertheless, we are inclined to underestimate this feeling in our children, in every possible way avoiding to ask them about the help.

Use the failures and shortcomings.

Apply them to help children to feel selfconfidence, reject thought that they are not capable to help us with something.

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Marshak, The uvula

Marshak, The uvula Marshak, The uvula has a rest on a sofa, Lets greet a small uvula etc.

It is expedient to begin work on development of a speech motility with a pronunciation of vowels as on their basis articulation positions for some consonants are formed, besides, they promote elaboration of speech breath and development of voice opportunities of the child.

Use as a support of the vowels and consonants based on the involuntary movements is reached in game situations: On reception at doctor Aybolit we will show to Aybolit a neck and we will tell: Aaaa, The kid cries aaaaa, There is a wish to sleep yawning, The kid asks from mother to eat it is said am the mouth is widely open, The kid coughs, Belchonok was lost Mother little squirrel calls a belchonka: Hey!

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This theory

This theory Fell?


Blood whips?

Ah, in what put!

Eternal history with it.

In old books wrote that children, growing, pass the same stages what there passed the mankind: collecting stage, hunting stage, horde stage.

This theory was scarified in due time and forgotten, but here our boy grew up, he is three years old, and he obviously entered a collecting stage.

Give it a candy will run and will hide it in some secluded place where fragments of toys, pieces of paper, sticks, pebbles, fragments of glass are already stored.

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Somehow in the evening

Somehow in the evening One father came to a conclusion that his daughter intentionally uses fears to draw to itself attention.

Somehow in the evening she started showing concern, as usual.

Then ran in in a drawing room with shout: The father, in my room there was a terrible monster!


Without coming off reading the newspaper, the father told it quiet tone as though anything special did not occur: Go make friends with it!

also continued to read.

Still for about a minute the daughter silently stood in thoughtfulness, and then quietly went to itself to the room.

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