Track, please, that

Track, please, that It does not have two couples socks.

Track, please, that to us they were returned.

From time to time parents show jealousy of the housekeeper who cares of their children in Sammerkhill.

I had mummies who, having arrived, directly went to lockers of the children and there frowned and tuttutted, expressing thereby the suspicions that the housekeeper is not too conscientious.

Similar mothers usually in general feel big concern about the children because the alarm concerning clothes always means concern on the doctrine and on all the rest.

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What do you do? Tell

What do you do? Tell What to whom?

To the kid a rattle, to kids toys, the old woman cheese cakes, Mashenke cherries, Mishenke panties, a shirt, a frog a midge, the Cheburashka a camomile, to a cockerel kernels.

Automation of a sound sh in phrases Add the word.

The woolen, woolen, woolen, woolen, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, big, fragrant, wide, good.

Be at proper words.

What do you do?

Tell about yourself.

I I walk, I breathe, I wave; music I listen; spoon soup I disturb; tasks I solve; needle I sew.

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I cannot

I cannot Freedom works better as clever children.

I would be glad to tell that as freedom mentions first of all emotions, all children equally react to it: both gifted, and not really capable.

I cannot tell it.

distinctions are well visible on the example of study.

In the conditions of freedom each child for years plays the most part of time.

But when time comes, gifted sit down and do the work, necessary to cope with entrance examinations in higher education institution.

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Exercise To open and close a mouth.


Look as there is a lot of cowberry here!

Collect a full palm of cowberry.

Taste berries, properly chew them.

To imitate chewing.

Exercise for lips and cheeks To us it is joyful and cheerful in the autumn wood, we will smile each other and to forest inhabitants.

To smile lips and teeth are closed.

Hamster fatty.

To show, what thick cheeks at a hamster who bears stocks in a mink.

To inflate both cheeks at the same time.

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Sex is the cornerstone

Sex is the cornerstone I do not consolidate the word sex only to genital sex.

Perhaps, even the baby feels unfortunate if his mother unfriendly treats the body or stops pleasures of the baby from his body.

Sex is the cornerstone of all negative attitudes in life.

The children who do not have sense of guilt concerning sex never address neither to religion, nor to any mysticism.

And though sex is also considered a great sin, children, free for sexual fear or shame, do not need God who could be asked about forgiveness or favor because they do not feel the guilty.

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