Once I was at the fan of songbirds. In the closed

Once I was at the fan of songbirds. In the closed But it is a difficult way, and it is available not to many parents.

For half an hour hardly so you will help the son with the doctrine.

But after all there is also other opportunity: we inspire in the child that he is the worthy, capable, clever person, he has an aspiration to live adequately.

We inspire that it clever, it also becomes cleverer.

Once I was at the fan of songbirds.

In the closed boxes at it there lived tens canaries, and all called Dukami.

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At each finger

At each finger Hare The hare, the hare, jump And look for carrot, Look for a kapustka It will be very tasty!

Help the hare to ride in a kitchen garden.

Gallop fingers of the left hand on circles.

At each finger the path: big and index, index and average, average and anonymous, anonymous and little finger, big and little finger, big and anonymous, big and average.

Ball Ball, ball, prygskok, Catch up with me, the friend, do not run away From me, catch up Somewhat quicker.

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The psychology

The psychology From consciousness to desire a distance if not huge, nevertheless the considerable size.

The psychology in detail sorts, why people behave badly, but finds it difficult to answer, why they behave as people.

And really not to explain it if not to understand if not to accept that the person not the ban on bad, imposed by society, not negative, but positive its own aspiration to good, the truth and beauty directs.

Not thought with desire, and desire meet desire in soul human!

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Visual memory. The games

Visual memory. The games Storing and reproduction of words in a certain sequence.

Sledge, garden, bag, boots, scoop.

Repetition of words in the return sequence.

Call the first word.

Call the second word.


What word disappeared from a row?

Garden, bag, boots, scoop.

What new word appeared?

Garden, bag, boots, scoop, plane.

Games Phone, Password, Telegraph operators, Magic Words, Report.

Visual memory.

The games Look and Call, That changed?

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The happiness

The happiness Also sat down.

And all long applauded it.

Children have more.

Than that it is more?


The happiness is studied in the childhood.

Fortunately catch for the rest of life and loaded with aspiration in the childhood.

They would be happy, our children, and they would be healthy.

It is necessary nothing, they would be healthy today and always!

But many of us even do not imagine, how physical health of the child is connected with his spiritual state, with its happiness.

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