Over time, when

Over time, when The only thing which is not deleted was point: Joe sleeps in a sleeping bag on a floor near a mothers bed.

However mother did not want at all that the son slept every day in her room she after all has the right for private life!


Therefore they agreed that Joe will sleep in the mothers room two times a week.

And both parties remained are happy with such decision.

Over time, when this technology will be fulfilled, it is optional to write down all ideas.

Process will go quickly and without red tape.

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A beating

A beating The similar imagination immediately causes sense of guilt: I wanted that my father died what I am a villain!

And the repentance .

privodit the child on the fathers knees in the seeming tenderness, but under it hatred which does not disappear anywhere lodged.

That is even worse, punishment always closes a vicious circle.

A beating the vented hatred, and each new flogging causes in the child more and more hatred.

The hatred increasing in it is expressed in all the worst behavior for which he is beaten even more.

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Awful example, isnt

Awful example, isnt But day came, it rose, went to school.

Of course, this truancy was not in vain, from school graduated not excellent, at entrance examinations in higher education institution failed but then, after naval service, began to study, and excitedly.

Awful example, isnt that so?

And if did not rise, did not go to school?

And if did not begin to study?

And if What on it to tell?


Education without risk life and destiny is impossible.

Before, when children in a family was much and suddenly, unfortunately, to one of them there was a trouble, parents died of a grief but there were at them also other children.

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