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Yes, the son will

Generally, badly.In the same way happens and in that case when we interfere with the conflicts of our son.We play a role of the girl witness, we involuntarily push the boy on too brave, unjustified acts, we add fuel to the fire and, by the way, we put some idea dangerous, false as if all conflicts come to an end a victory.Yes, the son will suffer defeat, but it will be easier for it to transfer it without witnesses.It is impossible to know everything about children!When tell that at school offend the boy, I always think: And what it for the boy if he tells about it to mother?

Because soul

All main are known since the childhood.Because soul the most expensive: since the birth, to mind it was formed in me, in the form of the very first, elementary desires arose and lives in me.Because soul mysterious: I do not know how there are in me desires feelings.Because the soul is also willful: you will not force to love or want, you will not force to trust or suffer.It seems to us that our baby does not understand anything yet he indeed does not understand mind, we treat him inconsiderately, we are occupied with porridge and diapers, we argue, whether it is necessary to observe the mode, we weigh the child each hour, we slap him when he is capricious, for us the child still a nested doll which it is possible to twirl this way and that: but here it became more senior, here he began to understand us, here we were quit with porridges and diapers, and here we are, tutors, and solemnly we start education.

But here

I see that the actual price of each boy strongly disperses from that which is appointed to him in the yard, that above, below.Most likely and I am mistaken.But here that is important: and whether there is actually original price to everyone not that, what children appointed, and not that, what I give, and valid, original, real?Of course, is.In it the truth about the boy.But after all and in the company of adults the same.We too have a temptation to imagine someone is more adult than the adult towering over all as over boys in the yard and therefore omniscient and forgiving someone who knows all truth about everyone and will sometime tell it: who is who, about the dignity of each person.

I subscribed. Both

He cannot

This need to be as everything, to carry signs of belonging to , to the group, not to differ from the group the speech, neither a way of life, nor views, neither habits, nor manners, even in gait, to differ in nothing is a desire which we with such heat condemn, is stronger than the teenager.It can do nothing.He cannot live one, he has to be among the.When teenagers mature, is even worse.All others on itself will pull if only accepted.And again: if the good worker if it is talented if there is force the person is able to afford independence.

In an inner

Obviously: that there was a desire something, I have to know that it something is, exists, or at least to believe that it is.I have to have also a certain hope that it something will be received that such opportunity is.In other words, I have to trust in something and to hope for something.In an inner world there is no material, in it only that, in what the person trusts.He believes that in the world there is a beauty and honesty, is is and in its inner world.

Also I feel

I remember how my husband asked once, what movie I want to watch, and I answered it the following: I do not know.And what movie you would like to watch?Now I always know precisely that I want, and I do everything to reach the desirable.Also I feel like much more confident person.One of questions which I always ask myself, communicating with my children, such: What in this situation I want?Be consecutive in the desires.If you do not show sequence in the desires, children by all means will use your indecision.

Cams of the right

Only is not present at us so far Neither torments and nor sand, Neither eggs, nor salt, Neither yeast, nor milk.Cams of the right and left hand to squeeze and unclench at the same time.Since words: Only is not present at us so far serially to bend fingers, since the big.WE CUT FIREWOOD That to istopit an oven, We should cut firewood.We cut, we cut firewood Let heat will be to kids.To imitate the movements of hands of the woodcutter, fingers to weave, connect palms and to squeeze them as it is possible more strongly KOZLYATKI Have fun on a platform Tonkonogy kozlyatka.

Hm! the writer

Recently one old writer complained to me that her grandson all the time sits at the screen, what to do?And you break the TV, I advised ingenuously.Hm!the writer told.Break!Yes the grandson ten minutes will repair him!Likely, to this boy allowed to look where goes conductings.Than children played if only did not cry protivoinfarktny education.Thinking of the future of the child, collecting an ideal image of the Person in mind, we will set to ourselves and such question: we would like, of course, that our grownup children loved; but what people are loved by people?


Nominative to stand directly, to lower hands.To put palms on a tummy, to make a deep breath through a nose.To hold the breath for seconds.An exhalation through a mouth.Development of force of an exhalation.Development of the correct direction of an air stream on the average line of language Cold wind.Having gathered air in lungs, with a force to pout through extended forward by a tubule.To bring the back party of a palm to a mouth.The sharp beating cold stream has to be felt.

Now, rereading

And it will be the last.Please!While the getting is good!Shadow Alfred Costello Shadow address: Lunar base , Galaktika Certainly, even in of the that time excited state I understood that the Shadow Alfred Costello is only a fruit of my imagination, the hero from childrens stories, but the panic alarm induced me to actions.Now, rereading these letters, I hardly believe that once wrote them.But it is the truth.As well as in the childhood, it was insufficiently simple to me to think up history.

Flower turns

PEONY The bud is dismissed Turns into a peony.To close small pillows of fingers of both hands.Palms a little roundish.Bud turns out.To press the lower parts of palms to each other, and widely to move apart fingers around and to bend a little.Flower turns out.BUTTERFLY Butterfly cabbage white butterfly Over a flower flew, Cheerfully flitted Collected pollen.To cross wrists of hands and to press palms the back party to each other.

And what

Somehow presented me a pen with a gold feather, real Parker, I so rejoiced!But it is short.For one minute I lost vigilance, left the room, having left the handle on papers, I enter Matvei headlong rushes from a table, and my Parker rings, thrust by a gold feather in a floor as the arrow which is let out from the Indians onions.And what to do with the boy?You will make nothing.It is not guilty.It is interesting to it.Begin to punish him, he will cry all day long.

And in a day nursery

And in a day nursery education goes quickly, there children continually: mine!, mine!.I came for the boy, and he rushed to me, clasped knees and shouts, victoriously looking back: Mine father!Whose heart will not tremble?One of the great touched minutes of happiness in the life and counted them everything four.Four minutes from eighty years!I do not know, how many they will be when also I decide to count minutes remains; but moments in the doorway The father came!

Having become

For the person normally to be fond of favourite business, simply at autism this tendency repeatedly amplifies.After thesis defense I published in various editions about articles and the notes devoted to the handling of cattle in industrial animal husbandry and at its house cultivation.Having become adult, I overcame many autistichesky tendencies.Certainly, I do not suffer from an involuntary urination any more and I do not rush on the interlocutor with fists if he tells chtoto the unpleasant.

The boy tries

After all he perfectly sees that mother is occupied with conversation with the girlfriend.What aim is pursued by him the behavior?It turns out that the child puts an equalsign between two various concepts to be the focus of attention of the adult and to be darling.The boy tries to draw to himself attention not in an absolutely pertinent way, but rather positive.When mother is strongly angry his behavior, the child will nurse in himself deeper grievance, his claims for attention can accept also more negative shade.

Suggest children

Suggest children to call a picture, then to compare to the name given by the artist to consider technology of painting.Program content of occupations: to develop creative abilities, imagination; to teach children not only to apply, but also to transform, to combine former knowledge in new combinations and to create on this basis rather new for the child images and figurative situations to transfer the mood in drawing, feelings, feelings; to learn to find in spots and color combinations an image, mood, the movement to represent it on paper.

Well, it not your

He noticed: Templ, you today kakayato another.And all other noticed it.I not so other.You talk to children, and, seemingly, really with us it is interesting to you!And what?He indecisively cleared the throat.Well, it not your style.How I behave usually?He stared in a floor.There passed minute before it again raised eyes.Well, to tell the truth, many consider you as the cold and insensible person.

Lips in a smile, teeth

Development of the correct direction of an air stream on the average line of language To blow off a paper snowflake from a palm.Whose snowflake will depart further?Exercises for lips and facial muscles To us it is cheerful.Smile.Lips in a smile, teeth are pulled together to mm.Sponges shake on a swing.Teeth and lips are squeezed.Alternately to lift mouth corners with pomochyyu fingers of hands.Sleep, a peephole, sleep, another.


He simply plays, creates, builds the world in fantastic forms.Therefore creative game so captures the child he feels pleasure from emergence of the new imagination.Adults have a birth of new thought, as well as childbirth of the child, is followed by torments and happiness.Children of creative tortures do not know, they get only one happiness.The child plays not only when he with toys, and always, every minute the life, and the most improper from our point of view minute.

On an edge

Sounds sh, at.Add them with a sound m.What word turned out?Noise.Scatter word sounds noise.How many sounds in it?Sound pronunciation sh in words Zaychishkatrusishka ran out from the wood and came running to us.Now we learn whom and that he saw on the road.Pictures of various flowers are exposed.On an edge grew camomiles, lilies of the valley, a squash, on the small river waterlilies, jugs.Guess on sounds sh, m, e, l who sat on a camomile?

In it and cooperation

But if to set as an object to achieve cooperation, everyone can reach it in a varying degree.In it and cooperation value that to me, the tutor, it is not necessary to hold hundred different purposes, two hundred delightful qualities of the child in the head.I need only one that collaboration and activity gave it pleasure, would be his requirement.This aspiration so strongly influences the child, possesses such educational power that all other educational tools become simply unnecessary.

When you feel

When you feel that coped with himself, you can return again here; if your child does not leave, gently take him by hand and tenderly take away in a special place that he calmed down; if your child, having returned from there, behaves properly, allow it to remain with you.If his behavior does not change to the best, without wasting words take away back.Speaking to the child: You can return again when you feel that calmed down, you teach it to ability to control the actions and emotions.


Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken.I offer you five councils minimizing the importance of the mistakes made by the child and increasing advantage which the child can draw from them.Next time If at the child something did not turn out, attach special significance to how it can be made next time.Excessive concern on the fact that already occurred, will only force the child to look for justifications.And having made a special accent how it can be made next time, you lay the foundation of selfimprovement of the child.


It is best of all to attach the schedule of family affairs and agenda of meetings to the refrigerator.This most convenient place to remind everyone that it should make.Accustom children to that their complaints were followed by versions of the solution of the problem facing them.Remember that the person who is not participating in a solution itself becomes part of this problem.Consider at meeting the schedule of affairs for every day of the forthcoming week, providing joint, activity of all family members.


Valya from here I told I am occupied, I write.It left without any objections.Obedience has to be natural part of communication.Parents have no right for unconditional obedience from children, it comes from within, but is not imposed from the outside.Discipline means of achievement of the purpose.The discipline in army helps to be effective during fight.The such discipline always subordinates the personality to business.In the disciplined countries life costs not much.

Nevertheless, we are inclined

Gradually and children develop in themselves ability to tell the truth without fear to seem the imperfect.If, let us assume, your friend asks you to help with something, you, most likely, you see, as it gives you chance to feel the usefulness.Nevertheless, we are inclined to underestimate this feeling in our children, in every possible way avoiding to ask them about the help.Use the failures and shortcomings.Apply them to help children to feel selfconfidence, reject thought that they are not capable to help us with something.

Marshak, The uvula

Marshak, The uvula has a rest on a sofa, Lets greet a small uvula etc.It is expedient to begin work on development of a speech motility with a pronunciation of vowels as on their basis articulation positions for some consonants are formed, besides, they promote elaboration of speech breath and development of voice opportunities of the child.Use as a support of the vowels and consonants based on the involuntary movements is reached in game situations: On reception at doctor Aybolit we will show to Aybolit a neck and we will tell: Aaaa, The kid cries aaaaa, There is a wish to sleep yawning, The kid asks from mother to eat it is said am the mouth is widely open, The kid coughs, Belchonok was lost Mother little squirrel calls a belchonka: Hey!

This theory

Fell?Broke?Blood whips?Ah, in what put!Eternal history with it.In old books wrote that children, growing, pass the same stages what there passed the mankind: collecting stage, hunting stage, horde stage.This theory was scarified in due time and forgotten, but here our boy grew up, he is three years old, and he obviously entered a collecting stage.Give it a candy will run and will hide it in some secluded place where fragments of toys, pieces of paper, sticks, pebbles, fragments of glass are already stored.

Somehow in the evening

One father came to a conclusion that his daughter intentionally uses fears to draw to itself attention.Somehow in the evening she started showing concern, as usual.Then ran in in a drawing room with shout: The father, in my room there was a terrible monster!.Without coming off reading the newspaper, the father told it quiet tone as though anything special did not occur: Go make friends with it!also continued to read.Still for about a minute the daughter silently stood in thoughtfulness, and then quietly went to itself to the room.

Track, please, that

It does not have two couples socks.Track, please, that to us they were returned.From time to time parents show jealousy of the housekeeper who cares of their children in Sammerkhill.I had mummies who, having arrived, directly went to lockers of the children and there frowned and tuttutted, expressing thereby the suspicions that the housekeeper is not too conscientious.Similar mothers usually in general feel big concern about the children because the alarm concerning clothes always means concern on the doctrine and on all the rest.

What do you do? Tell

What to whom?To the kid a rattle, to kids toys, the old woman cheese cakes, Mashenke cherries, Mishenke panties, a shirt, a frog a midge, the Cheburashka a camomile, to a cockerel kernels.Automation of a sound sh in phrases Add the word.The woolen, woolen, woolen, woolen, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, big, fragrant, wide, good.Be at proper words.What do you do?Tell about yourself.I I walk, I breathe, I wave; music I listen; spoon soup I disturb; tasks I solve; needle I sew.

I cannot

Freedom works better as clever children.I would be glad to tell that as freedom mentions first of all emotions, all children equally react to it: both gifted, and not really capable.I cannot tell it.distinctions are well visible on the example of study.In the conditions of freedom each child for years plays the most part of time.But when time comes, gifted sit down and do the work, necessary to cope with entrance examinations in higher education institution.


To open and close a mouth.Brusnichka.Look as there is a lot of cowberry here!Collect a full palm of cowberry.Taste berries, properly chew them.To imitate chewing.Exercise for lips and cheeks To us it is joyful and cheerful in the autumn wood, we will smile each other and to forest inhabitants.To smile lips and teeth are closed.Hamster fatty.To show, what thick cheeks at a hamster who bears stocks in a mink.To inflate both cheeks at the same time.

Sex is the cornerstone

I do not consolidate the word sex only to genital sex.Perhaps, even the baby feels unfortunate if his mother unfriendly treats the body or stops pleasures of the baby from his body.Sex is the cornerstone of all negative attitudes in life.The children who do not have sense of guilt concerning sex never address neither to religion, nor to any mysticism.And though sex is also considered a great sin, children, free for sexual fear or shame, do not need God who could be asked about forgiveness or favor because they do not feel the guilty.

Once I was at the fan of songbirds. In the closed

At each finger

Hare The hare, the hare, jump And look for carrot, Look for a kapustka It will be very tasty!Help the hare to ride in a kitchen garden.Gallop fingers of the left hand on circles.At each finger the path: big and index, index and average, average and anonymous, anonymous and little finger, big and little finger, big and anonymous, big and average.Ball Ball, ball, prygskok, Catch up with me, the friend, do not run away From me, catch up Somewhat quicker.

The psychology

From consciousness to desire a distance if not huge, nevertheless the considerable size.The psychology in detail sorts, why people behave badly, but finds it difficult to answer, why they behave as people.And really not to explain it if not to understand if not to accept that the person not the ban on bad, imposed by society, not negative, but positive its own aspiration to good, the truth and beauty directs.Not thought with desire, and desire meet desire in soul human!

Visual memory. The games

The happiness

Also sat down.And all long applauded it.Children have more.Than that it is more?Childhood.The happiness is studied in the childhood.Fortunately catch for the rest of life and loaded with aspiration in the childhood.They would be happy, our children, and they would be healthy.It is necessary nothing, they would be healthy today and always!But many of us even do not imagine, how physical health of the child is connected with his spiritual state, with its happiness.

Over time, when

The only thing which is not deleted was point: Joe sleeps in a sleeping bag on a floor near a mothers bed.However mother did not want at all that the son slept every day in her room she after all has the right for private life!.Therefore they agreed that Joe will sleep in the mothers room two times a week.And both parties remained are happy with such decision.Over time, when this technology will be fulfilled, it is optional to write down all ideas.Process will go quickly and without red tape.

A beating

The similar imagination immediately causes sense of guilt: I wanted that my father died what I am a villain!And the repentance .privodit the child on the fathers knees in the seeming tenderness, but under it hatred which does not disappear anywhere lodged.That is even worse, punishment always closes a vicious circle.A beating the vented hatred, and each new flogging causes in the child more and more hatred.The hatred increasing in it is expressed in all the worst behavior for which he is beaten even more.

Awful example, isnt

But day came, it rose, went to school.Of course, this truancy was not in vain, from school graduated not excellent, at entrance examinations in higher education institution failed but then, after naval service, began to study, and excitedly.Awful example, isnt that so?And if did not rise, did not go to school?And if did not begin to study?And if What on it to tell?Risk!Education without risk life and destiny is impossible.Before, when children in a family was much and suddenly, unfortunately, to one of them there was a trouble, parents died of a grief but there were at them also other children.


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